Nadal need to 'disconnect from everything' after long injury enforced absence from tennis

Saturday, 30 September 2023 at 20:00
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Rafael Nadal explained how he disconnected "from everything" during his absence from tennis.
The 22-time Grand Slam champion responded to an interview on Movistar+ while he is in Spain and discussed how he felt about having to stay away from tennis for a long time. Rafael Nadal talked about the need he felt to escape and spend time with his family:
“I do a little gym, yes, but I also needed to disconnect from everything. The sea disconnects me a lot, I have the impression that the hours are completely different from those we have on land,” Nadal said.
“The sea has always been my escape, even if it was always for three or four days, and this time it is for five weeks. I knew I would be okay, but my family had to be okay too, and that’s what happened,” former world No. 1 added.
“I was able to enjoy it, not be too attached to my cell phone or the television, follow the news, but it didn’t go any further. I tried to disconnect in every way possible. I watched very little tennis.”
The Spanish player also addressed his rivalry with Novak Djokovic and the physical challenges he has faced, which have prevented him from participating in all the tournaments he would like throughout his career.
“I missed four and a half years of Grand Slams due to injury, this is the reality. But that’s also sport. That’s not why I’m better than Djokovic, because I played less,” analysed the former world No 1.
“He had a physique and a way of playing that allowed him to compete more than me. I have no choice but to recognise this, I did what I could. Sometimes I come back and win three Grand Slams, but it’s unlikely.”
“I would change many things in my life and my career. I have made wrong decisions when it comes to protecting my physique. Djokovic, he has done better because his way of playing has allowed him to play more than me. But I was wrong for thinking that my decisions were good.”

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