New career-high ranking in play for Tiafoe after Indian Wells

Saturday, 18 March 2023 at 21:30
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Frances Tiafoe could reach a new career-high after the Indian Wells Masters after his previous one at number 14 overall which he could move past.
Tiafoe is contesting the Indian Wells semi-final today and if he wins he'll move to the final. The run her had so far ensures that he'll match his previous career-high ranking of number 14 but he could even eclipse it if he progresses further in the event or wins it. If he wins the match against Medvedev he'll put himself at number 11 overall which would be a new career high.
If he ends up as champion Tiafoe would end up in the top 10, his first time being ranked so high. He would also dethrone Taylor Fritz and become the American number one which is also significant in this new generation of American talents. Getting past Medvedev will be tricky but the American is on the rise and playing at home should give him a decent chance to do so.

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