"Proof of how work allows you to improve and play at the highest level": Martina Navratilova lauds hard work pays off mantra of Jannik Sinner

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 05:00
The future of tennis in the post Big-3 era seems to be in good hands, as young stars Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz seem set to carry the mantle. The duo have established a thrilling rivalry that could see them compete for Grand Slam titles in the near future.
WTA icon Martina Navratilova recently gave her thoughts on Sinner's growth ahead of the 2024 Madrid Open. The former World No.1 was full of praise for the Italian, and highlighted his burgeoning rivalry with Alcaraz.

Sinner's work ethic is above the rest, says Navratilova

"Jannik is incredible," said the retired Czech-American tennis star Laureus World Sport Awards in Madrid. "He is proof of how work allows you to improve and play at the highest level. Really working on his game is how he has progressed over the last year, trusting the process of working on every aspect, improving every smallest detail will get the results, but it's not about the results, those will come if you do the job the right way, but these guys, and girls too, bring out the best in comparison with each other, and that's it.
"This is where the fun begins in a way. I look forward to the next ten years and the duels between Alcaraz, Sinner and some others who will come between the two of them, and the same goes for the women. I think rivalries are necessary in tennis and it's starting to form between both women and men."

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