"Rafa has been dealing with injury since 2005" says uncle Toni Nadal praising him for his efforts

Wednesday, 06 October 2021 at 14:00
Rafael Nadal has dealt with a lot of injuries in his career and his uncle Toni Nadal believes in his comeback 2022 praising his efforts so far.
The career of Rafael Nadal is a fascinating one especially when you considering the huge amount of injuries he has had over the years. From knee injuries to a nagging foot injury that resurfaced in 2021 completely derailing his season. All have come and went which is why his uncle Toni Nadal believes that Nadal will come back 100 % next year.
He said:
"Rafa has been dealing with a foot injury since 2005 and that's why I say that what he did in his career is praiseworthy. He will be back at full strength in 2022!"
It was Toni Nadal that revealed a month ago that his foot injury is a recurring one calming the nerves of many fans that were shocked by Nadal's decision to end the 2021 season early. An interview with Nadal's coach Carlos Moya also proved a grim read after Moya revealed that the team was unsure what to do against the injury saying that they tried everything.
Nadal is known as a fighter and he won't give up easily so it remains to be seen whether Toni Nadal is true in claiming that Nadal will be back stronger in 2022.

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