Rafael Nadal hints farewell could be at Davis Cup over Olympic Games despite last time in Spain Madrid Open narrative

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 at 10:23
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Rafael Nadal could retire as some expect at the Davis Cup representing his country over the Olympic Games or Laver Cup as was confirmed from his press conference after being defeated 7-5, 6-4 by Jiri Lehecka on Tuesday at the Madrid Open.
It was a true masterclass from Lehecka albeit slightly overshadowed by the farewell of Nadal. Leaving the court in tears, Nadal's Madrid Open seemed to have a finality about it with a ceremony afterwards and also social media have preprepared posts about it being his final time playing in Spain and in Madrid.
Or so we thought. The Davis Cup Finals will take place in Malaga as ever this year and Nadal could yet bring some much needed starpower and also ticket sales to the tournament. He could yet play doubles with Carlos Alcaraz not only at the Olympic Games, but also in the typical teams competition. He said in his press conference as per journalist Jose Morgado that he wasn't 100% it was his last time due to Davis Cup. Some also thought that it was the Laver Cup that would spell his conclusion. But this was merely as Roger Federer tasted his tennis end at the tournament and so it was seen as following his rival.

Nadal arrives at the press, says he is happy with his first set. Says it was his best in this clay season. Sees many positives in this match. Says it’s not 100% sure this was his last time playing in Spain because we still have Davis Cup 👀


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