Rune responds to double bounce controversy without taking blame: "Some umpires they make mistakes"

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 at 12:30
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Holger Rune was heavily blasted on social media after failing to recognise a double bounce that was wrongly called by the umpire in his match against Cerundolo.
The Danish player continued to play after the ball bounced twice resulting in Cerundolo complaining about the point going on and the umpire calling hindrance awarding the point to Rune. It was a major mistake as Rune got a break point which he converted in the next play shifting the momentum in his favour.
He was immediately blasted on social media with many arguing that Rune couldn't have missed the double bounce that happened right in front of it him after the match, the Dane confirmed that he didn't see it initially. He said that he only saw it on the replay but the game was over by then.

It's sports

It's impossible to know whether Rune missed the double bounce but he had a pretty good view of the situation so you be the judge on that. He did feel sorry it happened but reiterated that mistakes simply happen in sports:
"When I was hitting the ball, I didn't know, I just ran for it. But then obviously when I saw it, after he did call it, I saw it after the next point on the TV, and I saw it was a double bounce. But the point already happened and he called the score. So I felt sorry. Sorry for him. Yeah, I mean, then I managed to break him. I hold serve. Then after he broke me it was close again. You know, this is tennis. This is sports. You know, some umpires, they make mistakes. Some for me; some for him. That's life."
The win ofr Rune gave him a chance to face Casper Ruud in the quarter-final. They played last year and Ruud won.

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