"Shapovalov was right" says Becker backing the Canadian on part of his argument

Denis Shapovalov created quite some controversy after his loss to Nadal both during the match and after the match.

During the match, Shapovalov called tennis umpires corrupt in a dispute with Carlos Bernardes. He walked back those comments saying that he misspoke in the heat of the moment but reiterated his belief that Nadal was getting preferential treatment. He alluded to the fact that the Spaniard was allowed to drag out rallies without getting a time violation.

Speaking on that, Boris Becker told Eurosport:

"If the umpire strictly follows the rules, Shapovalov is right. The server decides how fast you play. Nadal was not ready to return within 45 seconds. But players like Nadal and also Djokovic or Federer have earned a certain status - nevertheless, you have to follow up on that."

Shapovalov and Bernaders clashed a few times during the match and during one of those, Nadal approached Shapovalov on the next to talk things over. They settled the matter and the match continued but Shapovalov was not happy at all, even after the match. Nadal was made aware of his comments about him getting preferential treatment and he dismissed him.

Eurosport analyst Mats Wilander believes the emotion got the better of the Canadian and ultimately cost him the match.

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