Tennis fans outraged at Tommy Paul's girlfriend's antics following American's title win at Queen's Club

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 23:42
Although Tommy Paul celebrated one of the biggest title wins of his career at the Queen's Club Championships this weekend, it was his girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, who stole the spotlight due to her celebratory antics after the American's win.
Paul defeated Lorenzo Musetti in straight sets to win the warm-up event to Wimbledon, displaying grass court prowess that could see him emerge as a dark horse at SW 19 next week. The American employed strategic serves, coupled with deep groundstrokes and forays to the net, in his 6-1 7-6(8) win over his Italian opponent.

Fans upset over Lorenze joining Paul for celebratory photos

Following the match, Lorenze, a social media influencer, broke the norm by joining her boyfriend on the court in order to take photos with the trophy. A video of their awkward pictorial went viral as she is seen repeatedly grabbing Paul by the nape while he stood stiffly in front of the cameras.
Fans were quick to speak on the incident, claiming Lorenze was clout-chasing in an attempt to create more content for her social media followers.
"She dragging that trophy like she won it!' one fan wrote with three laughing-crying emojis.
"This isn't love, lol," another added. "All she cares about is being in the spotlight by whatever means necessary."
"This is all so cringe,' a third wrote. 'Since when are gf's on court especially at a prestigious historic stage as Queen's? Tennis is becoming a reality TV show."
"Over-under on how long this is gonna last?!" a fourth wrote, to which another user responded: "Until tomorrow."
"It feels like she'd rather climb inside his shirts," a fifth quipped. "This is the weirdest pose with a trophy E.V.E.R. She reminds me of a Kardashian thirsty for fame."

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