“The game's better with him in it”: Jimmy Connors wants Rafael Nadal to continue playing tennis despite retirement rumours

Tuesday, 07 May 2024 at 12:58
Former world number one Jimmy Connors believes that tennis is better with legendary Rafael Nadal still playing. The 37-year-old is often regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of men’s tennis in the Open era, having won as many as 22 Grand Slam titles.
Nadal has struggled with fitness concerns in the recent past and it was because of this reason, he announced back in 2023 that the 2024 season will be his last at the highest level. Connors was recently quoted in a report where he stated that tennis as a sport is better with the 22-time Grand Slam winner playing in it but it ultimately his own decision whether he wants to continue player or retire in the near future.
"Listen, the game's better with him in it. So much better,” he said. “He creates so many talking points. Whether it's talking [about] that he's too old, he's not what it used to be, this is like the old mayor. The way he always approached his matches and went out there, he was all business. And the attitude that he had and the grit and the grind, never let a ball. Run down everything. You know, [he would] kill himself. And leave his DNA out there. And he's loved plenty of that all around the world, so. Ultimately, it's his decision (to retire). And eventually, we all get it. Everybody gets it, and then you have so many other things to do the rest of your life that you just fold into that."

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