"To see her suffer so much made me suffer": Stefanos Tsitsipas admits amid Paula Badosa injury hell

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 at 15:29
Stefanos Tsitsipas sealed glory at the Monte-Carlo Masters and there will be hope that his girlfriend Paula Badosa can go down the similar lines as him on her continued return to the court. But he opened up about her injury hell and how it made him suffer.
They both had back struggles in the same spots with Tsitsipas infamously withdrawing from the ATP Finals with a back problem and Badosa's going on since Roland Garros last year. She is finally starting to heal, but is still struggling. The Greek though sees the likelihood of a return to her best when she does get it right. "(She’s) much better. I have been obviously there the entire time seeing her progress and seeing how she develops and gets better," he said during his appearance on Tennis Channel.
"Paula has had a very bad injury in her back. People do not understand the difficult times that she has gone through," he said. "It’s quite unbelievable that I kind of followed her footsteps of the injury – had a very similar injury. Mine came about five months later, right on the same spot where she had it."
"She did have it much more severe that I did. And to go through these difficulties and to see her suffer so much made me suffer even more myself, you know, being in a similar situation months later," he added. "Now I feel like her fitness is back. I feel like she’s building up her game again. I have no reason (not) to believe that she’s gonna be not just at the same level as she was before, but even better."
"The hunger is there. She hasn’t been playing a lot and I have never seen Paula more hungry and more determined to get out on the court and do big things," Stefanos Tsitsipas noted.

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