(VIDEO) Casper Ruud jokes being with his dad at Ultimate Tennis Showdown is 'like living in a prison'

Saturday, 10 February 2024 at 18:30
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A feature of Casper Ruud's tennis rise has been a family affair as his father and former tennis player, Christian Ruud has been the coach of his son throughout his career. He is also with him this week at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown in Oslo. One of the great features of the Patrick Mouratoglou tournament is that players are interviewed between quarters.
Ruud produced some superb words when asked about being with his father joking that it feels like he's 'living in a prison' to which his father retorted that he won't be with him for the next few weeks so that will cease.
In particular also for Ruud, he is back home for this tournament playing in his home country and he had a cynical view when asked about being with his father in Oslo. "It's annoying. I see him everyday all of the year. He follows me everywhere. It's like living in a prison," said Casper Ruud.
"The next three weeks I'm going to stay away so he will get rid of me for at least three weeks," replied his father who was also quizzed about what its like to coach in UTS. "It's so fast I don't have time to say anything. So I'm sitting here hoping he wins."

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