(VIDEO): "Don't scream at me": Dan Evans embroiled in heated chair umpire controversy after wrong line-call at Rome Open

Friday, 10 May 2024 at 13:03
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The first round match between Dan Evans and Fabio Fognini at the Rome Open wasn't without controversy at a crucial time at that which saw the Brit vent his frustrations and have a huge argument with the chair umpire.
It involved an inexplicably wrong line-call by chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani which saw Fognini win a point which should've been won by Evans. As a result the Brit had every right to be angry in the latest episode of line calls not going right.
Evans at 3-1 in the third set down returned Fognini's serve, but the return looped high in the air. Fognini shanked the volley out when it looked easily winnable. Lahyani was convinced it landed in and Evans tried to convince Lahyani of the real verdict.
A video review later confirmed that the umpire had made an incorrect call. Evans then vented his frustrations on his bench during the changeover including swearing at the umpire and the umpire himself reprimanding the Brit. He was given an unsportsmanlike conduct violation for using a swear word towards the umpire. This too was a bone of conjecture for Evans. Ultimately he will feel aggrieved as Fognini won the match in a 6-2 third set and it could've easily have gone a different direction.
"Don't scream at me," said Lahyani to Evans who was venting his frustrations on the bench during the changeover amid all of the drama prior.
"All I'm asking is for you to show me where the ball landed but you couldn't because you didn't know," said Evans to the umpire. "It's over, forget it. Can you tell me why I had an unsportsmanlike conduct."
"Because you used the F word," retorted Lahyani. "You don't shout at me and use the F word. Just be honest Mohamed that's all I'm asking."

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