VIDEO: Reilly Opelka explains meaning of 'Servebot' and names the 'bots'

Monday, 16 August 2021 at 17:00
Opelka Reilly Rome2021
Reilly Opelka joked after one of his wins in Toronto about the meaning of 'servebot' and who the bots on tour were.
Opelka wrote 'Servebot' on the camera after his win over Roberto Bautista Agut prompting a lot of reaction. The American player was joking with the concept that he as a player only serves and after the match he was asked about it. He explained:
“Isner and I were joking around about what is the definition of a servebot is. We were joking, is Kyrgios first-team all-bot? He holds serve a lot, the stats kind of point towards him holding a lot and [he] is considered a potential first-team all-bot."
Opelka then named the first-team all-bot and explained why Kyrgios narrowly misses out:
“Right now it is Isner first team, I’m first team, Karlovic is first team, Raonic and I think Kevin Anderson. Kyrgios makes a case for it, but we came to the conclusion that servebots have to be a little miserable to watch. He’s too exciting, too fun to watch so he doesn’t fall into the first-team servebot category.”

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