(VIDEO) "Who are they, the Illuminati": Daniil Medvedev's hilarious interaction with umpire not having roof closure decision

Monday, 29 April 2024 at 16:15
Daniil Medvedev especially on clay is appointment viewing for his reactions alone on court and he came up with another pearler on Monday afternoon facing Sebastian Korda at the Madrid Open.
Medvedev asked for the roof to close amid rain coming down with Madrid Open having a roof so that action can technically be played indoors. But the umpire quipped that it isn't his decision. "I don't make the decision, they do," said the umpire.
To which Medvedev quickly responded. "Who are they, the Illuminati?". A self confessed dislike of clay, Medvedev has often upset the apple cart on the surface and still produced but it still produces utter gold.

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