VIDEO: "Would be fun to play like Roger Federer - Ruud, Berrettini pick Federer as the player they would want to be for a week

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 at 09:00
Berrettini Matteo Rome2019
The ATP posted a video on social media asking players what player they would want to be for a week and many chose Roger Federer.
In a recent ATP video, the players were asked what player they would like to be for a week and many gave some interesting responses. As you can imagine, a lot chose either Federer, Djokovic or Nadal for obvious reasons though Federer got the most votes.
Berrettini chose Federer saying:
"It would be nice to feel like how Roger feels at his peak. Everything is coming so easily. That feeling of like I cannot lose."
Ruud did as well:
"Would be fun to play like Roger. To feel what it is like to be inside his body as he plays pretty different from the way I play. Coming to the net more than two times per match."
So did Hurkacz: "It would be pretty cool to be Roger. The way he played it's so nice and really really nice to watch"
And Fritz: "It would be Fed just to see, like what it's like to him you know."

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