WATCH: Fognini and Bedene exchange words after match, separated by umpire

Fabio Fognini and Aljez Bedene played many times before and it seems like there were some feelings involved there from the past.

The duo have had some slight disagreements in the past but this around it boiled over in the final set tiebreak. Bedene hit a serve that appeared on the line however Fognini promptly came up to show the mark was out. Match umpire Aurelie Tourt agreed with Fognini and called the ball wide after checking marks with Bedene unhappy believing it in.

The decision was final and the match continued with Fognini winning it but not without drama. At the net Bedene shook hands however added some words in there. It was unclear what was being said except for a 'every time we play, you do this' from Bedene accusing Fognini of showing wrong marks.

The Italian took exception to it and they had to talk things over with the umpire coming in between them to separate them. They spoke for over a minute even going back to the court to check some markings but eventually, the dust settled and everyone went on their way. Check it out below.

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