Holger Rune calls Boris Becker's question about Patrick Mouratoglou 'super strange' amid continued contact

Sunday, 30 June 2024 at 18:15
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Holger Rune was asked today on social media by his former coach, Boris Becker about why he has seen Patrick Mouratoglou in London at Wimbledon but not with Holger Rune prompting questioning about another coaching change.
But Rune was quick to respond to Becker calling it 'super strange' that he doesn't just pick up a phone and text him given that they speak about other matters privately and still text each other. Rune is gearing up to play Wimbledon. He faces Soonwoo Kwon on Tuesday after reaching the Quarter-Finals last season.
"Quick question: I see @pmouratoglou in London but NOT with @holgerrune2003 at @Wimbledon …they are still working together?!?" asked Becker. Some responded that they had split, while another couldn't believe that a tennis great had sunk low enough to ask about tennis gossip on his page.
"Super strange you don’t ask me this question directly as we text together about other stuff. The answer to your question is yes we work together. Sharing the tournaments between us as planned," responded Rune.
Rune was previously involved with Boris Becker as his lead coach at the end of the 2023 season and also employed Severin Luthi as the next part of his team during the 2024 season. Becker couldn't travel to Australia due to his criminal conviction in the UK which sees him banned from certain countries.
But they split anyway and after a period in which Kenneth Carlsen who is a regular part of his team seemed to be lead coach, he went back to his former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou who he had a great deal of success with previously. Rune will hope to recapture the magic that she showed last year at Wimbledon before getting ill and injured. But it will likely be that a flurry of texts between himself and Becker are now ongoing given the tweet debate this afternoon.

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