"You hope it's not some butthead fan doing something ridiculous": Andy Roddick shares relief at Novak Djokovic Bottlegate being an accident

Saturday, 11 May 2024 at 08:00
Novak Djokovic stepped onto court for his first match in a few months, but left it in a cloud after so-called Bottlegate where a metal bottle fell from the sky and hit him on the head while signing autographs. It led to Djokovic being carried away by security and a lot of questions and theories being floated around.
Djokovic defeated Corentin Moutet 6-3, 6-1 to book his place in the third round where he will face Alejandro Tabilo on Sunday. Thankfully barring any complications over night, he suffered only a sore head and some nausea at the time. It didn't stop the outlandish theories flying.
It saw Djokovic fans wondering whether the hand placing was telling of the person who the water bottle came from and calling for the culprit to be punished and arrested. Roddick took the tact of it was an accident and the main thing is that Djokovic is ok.
"When you first see this, you hope it's not some like butthead fan doing something ridiculous. Obviously, we want Novak to be okay. The reports are good, they say he'll be fine, but as Jim said, when an aluminum thing full of water hits you in the head when you're not expecting it, that's going to leave a mark, it's going to leave a bit of a dent," he said on the Tennis Channel on Friday night.
"I was just relieved because the first videos we saw were from this angle right here, where it's like you hope a fan isn't dropping it on purpose, isn't throwing it. Listen, it fell out of a backpack, it was just a complete accident," he said.
"Unfortunate situation, happy that Novak is okay, let's get on with the tournament. Unfortunate incident, but just glad he's alright," he added.

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