"You're fighting against yourself": VAR in tennis? Patrick Mouratoglou thinks so after Holger Rune 'robbery'

Monday, 15 April 2024 at 17:11
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Amid issues surrounding his own charge, Holger Rune and the saga of the line call against Jannik Sinner at the Monte-Carlo Masters, the sense of injustice was also felt by coach Patrick Mouratoglou who went to bat for Rune and also a change in tennis.
Sinner hit a ball that was called out, but the umpire checked the mark and overruled it. Rune fumed on Twitter afterwards aimed at the ATP admin surrounding the wording of their tweet and also the calls against him. Petulant maybe but also was an issue that was apparent all tournament with multiple different players. As Mouratoglou explains, there is a fix and one that would take away the doubt especially given the technology already exists.
"Today, the players can challenge a call, but they cannot really review an action on video. And that's missing. It's called the VAR," Patrick Mouratoglou said in his Instagram reel. "We have the technology today to avoid big mistakes from the chair umpires."
"I think the worst for the player is feeling something was unfair to him, that a point was stolen from him," he added. "Tennis is so difficult mentally to control yourself. You're fighting against yourself. If there are some big mistakes, players can freak out and it can completely change a match."
"I think there are two big issues in tennis in umpiring. The first one is the absence of using the VAR. And second, when the chair umpire obviously makes a big mistake," he said. "I think when the supervisor enters, because the player asked for the supervisor on the court, he should correct the mistake."
"They're humans. Everybody makes mistakes... But I think it's extremely frustrating for players to see a mistake and not be able to make it be corrected. Even though everything has been filmed. For example, the double bounce," he added.

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