From Centre Court to reality TV: Boris Becker aims to raise funds after bankruptcy settlement with Netflix show

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Thursday, 02 May 2024 at 17:46
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Boris Becker amid his recent bankruptcy trial ending has signed up for a new reality show on Netflix called Bear Hunt securing a lucrative money deal to take part alongside a multitude of celebrities in Costa Rica, as per The Sun.
Bear Hunt which is hosted by Holly Willoughby and features Bear Grylls hence the name of the show will see the former SAS trooper hunt down the contestants and they are eliminated once he finds them. So Becker will be among those aiming not to be caught.
The timing of signing up is very interesting as he has to pay an undisclosed substantial sum back after he was cleared of bankruptcy but still owed £42m to creditors. This led to his imprisonment back in 2022.
A TV insider told The Sun: "He is a sensational signing for Bear Hunt, not least because of the huge attention that's been on him in recent years.
"This will be Boris very much stepping back into the limelight after laying low for some time after being jailed in the UK and then deported.
"Producers will be hoping that his natural competitive streak, which was always evident on the tennis court, will prove to be TV gold on this show." It will likely be available in 2025 which is when Becker could yet be allowed back into the UK.

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