Maria Sharapova remains diligent in post athlete diet apart from one facet: "I love my cheat meals, I love sweets"

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Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 13:30
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After retiring in 2020, Maria Sharapova could be forgiven for not having the same dilligence when it comes to an athlete's lifestyle and while some say it never leaves you, it doesn't but only in a way for the former World No.1.
Speaking in her Vogue piece, she said that she does dedicate an hour a day barring one day of the week to exercise and even when she only has limited time such as staying in a hotel, it is about still getting it done while not having the strictness that she had when she was an athlete.
But in terms of the food side, that also extends but only marginally. Founding confectionary company Sugarpova, it isn't merely a brand with her name on it with Sharapova admitting that she has an 80/20 split with a love of sweets and cheat meals very much there in retirement so she has to keep herself regimented at times and let herself go in others.
"I try to dedicate at least one hour per day, five to six days a week, to my body. I don’t train at the levels I used to, but I’m quite diligent about being consistent–even if I have only 30 minutes in a hotel room. To be honest, I like the variety that I have in my workouts now. It was much stricter while training as a professional athlete. But, the consistency is what I’ve stuck to," she said.
"Diligence around diet is important but also challenging, especially when on the road. 80% of the time, I try to eat clean, and then 20% of the time, I love my cheat meals. I love sweets, so it’s not always an easy ration to keep up!" she added.

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