(VIDEO) "Rafa spitting facts": Nadal and Djokovic Fans Lock Horns in Twitter Battle After Comments on US Open Victory

Fans of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have locked horns in a Twitter war after the Spaniard's comments about the Serb's 24th Grand Slam title.

Djokovic achieved an incredible feat at the last Grand Slam of the year in New York earlier this month, ousting Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to equal Margaret Court's record of 24 major victories.

Meanwhile, Nadal is currently absent from the sport as he recovers from surgery and will not return until 2024. The 37-year-old had a strong rivalry with Djokovic over many years, leading to some of the most legendary matches in tennis history. However, this has often put their fans at odds with each other.

Nadal's remarks get misinterpreted online

After Djokovic's incredible feat, Nadal was criticized by the Serb's fans for seemingly remaining silent instead of congratulating his fellow Big Three member. However, the Spaniard revealed to Movistar that he hasn't sent any message yet out of 'pure ignorance.'

"The truth is that I haven't sent any message to Djokovic yet out of pure ignorance. When you win something so important, from experience I know it's better to take the time to appreciate that message. I'll send it but I haven't done it yet," he said.

Nadal was also asked if he was 'frustrated' that he hadn't set the record himself, to which he replied that he wasn't because Djokovic was more intense than himself.

"I'm not frustrated for a simple reason. I believe that, within my means, I have done everything possible to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for me. Novak could be frustrated because he lives everything more intensely and that's why he's the best," he explained.

However, some Djokovic fans took this last part as an insult to their favorite player.

"Nadal interviewed today, instead of finally congratulating Djokovic on extending his slams to 24 he said that Djokovic lives the grand slam race in a more intense way then him and it would have been a greater frustration for him if he didn’t achieve it," wrote one.

On the other hand, others were quick to defend Nadal.

"As always Rafa spitting facts. Kudos to him for being so blatant and honest and not afraid of the twitter keyboard warriors," wrote one.

"I love Nadal and have never been impressed with Djokovic's personality. He's not the star that Nadal and Federer were. They are class acts," added another.

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