"We need to do another one of our online sessions": Grigor Dimitrov's hilarious response to being called hottest on tour by Venus Williams

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Saturday, 04 November 2023 at 01:00
Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov was the subject of a playful joke played on him by WTA star Venus Williams, who pranked the Bulgarian during a recent Q&A session.
Dimitrov was participating in a collaborative session with The Tennis Channel when host Prakash Amritraj, where Amritraj asked him some fan questions. However, one of the questions became a bit too personal.

Venus Williams playfully points out Dimitrov's "hotness"

"This is from a mutual dear friend of ours," read Amritraj as he selection a question. "So the question is, 'Why do I faint all the time when I see you?' And, 'I think you are the hottest on tour.' And this is our dear Venus Williams."
Acknowledging it was from the WTA legend, Dimitrov humorously invited Venus Williams for another of their online gym sessions, an activity they had undertaken in the past.
"Dear Venus, we need to do another one of our online sessions. I mean, I remember that was..." said the Bulgarian.
"Online gym sessions? Is this a two person thing? Can I get in on this?" queried Amritraj.
Dimitrov welcomed him, adding they could in fact make a collaborative gym session with Venus Williams.

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