British No.1 Raducanu? Up-and-coming Kasatkina? Wimbledon's use of AI cops heavy criticism for poor errors

Monday, 01 July 2024 at 17:30
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Wimbledon have come under heavy criticism for their use of AI in order to write player profiles with examples cited on Monday morning before the tournament got underway including for Daria Kasatkina and Emma Raducanu who are both in action on the opening day.
Raducanu was cited by the profile as being the British No.1, an accolade she has not held for a long while. That is now held by Katie Boulter but AI often takes information that is not up to date or is currently wrong. Kasatkina was also described as being an up-and-comer despite being a top 15 player and a career high of World No.8 two years ago.
The same was said for her opponent Shuai Zhang who has the worst losing streak on the open tour and has not won in 20 matches but was described as an up and comer.
They started to use AI in order to help create personalised player stories and to further their current relationship with company IBM. It was announced last month and sees the experience leveraged with match data to keep fans updated on the top players.
It features pre and post-match player cards with AI related player stories and analysis. It was built during IBM's Granite model which is supposed to be state of the art using platform watsonx. But in reality, it shows the shortcomings of such a platform given that it is giving the wrong information and is in fact misinforming fans that Raducanu and Kasatkina are either higher or lower status than they are.
"Honestly offensive that the world’s richest tennis tournament is outsourcing writing jobs to sh**y AI tbh," wrote prominent tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg in response to this information.
Others called it embarrassing and that AI is clearly not suitable for tennis coverage. Whether this will be altered remains to be seen but certainly not the best start for their new model of technology.

Hey @Wimbledon , your AI catchup needs some human input. Raducanu NOT the British number 1 and I am sure 35 year old Zhang (on a 20 match losing streak) Shuai and 27 year old Daria Kasatkina would love to be called up and coming!! 😂😂😂


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