Coco Gauff determined to address her double faults dilemma

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 at 10:50
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America’s young tennis star Coco Gauff has revealed that she is working to improve her weakness regarding double faults. The 20-year-old is often regarded as one of the most highly-rated players currently playing in women’s tennis in the singles category.
Gauff is currently taking part in the Rome Open where she booked her place in the quarterfinal after defeating Spain’s Paula Badosa in the round of 16 with a score of 5-7, 6-4, 6-1.
Despite winning the contest, the Atlanta-born would be concern about her performance as she ended up making 11 double faults. Talking about it after the match, Gauff admitted that it is a concern and that she is working hard to improve that.
“I’ve been working on it,” she said. “I think today, even though the double-faults were there, I think it was still a better performance than it was last night. I think for me the focus will be getting more first serves in. I think my first-serve percentage was low, but my win percentage was in the high 70s or something like that. I think once I can get that down.”
Gauff further went on to highlight the primary reason why she has committed a lot of double faults in the ongoing contest.
Coco Gauff booked her place in the quarterfinal after beating Spain's Paula Badosa.
“I’m going big on the first serve, so I know I’m probably going to miss more,” she said. “I think it’s just finding the balance of going big but also knowing when to slow down the pace just to get the serve in.
“Honestly, I mean, I bet on myself to continue to go big. I know when I go big and my serve goes in, it’s dangerous. Even though this tournament I want to win, I’m trying to think long-term. I don’t want to lose the 120 serve by not going for it.”
“There’s definitely technical changes I’m trying to make. It’s obviously tough to do in-season and in-tournament. I feel like from the night before my last match to now, I feel like it’s better. It’s only been two days. I’m trying.”

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