Danielle Collins has 'got to be rethinking' retirement says Jimmy Connors amid recent form

Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 07:06
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Danielle Collins has been superb ever since announcing her retirement would take place at the end of 2024 with the American in the form of her life.
But Jimmy Connors has the feeling that Collins will be deciding on whether or not to do a U-turn on this decision after a year which has gleamed a multitude of titles and the American being installed as a Roland Garros favourite alongside the big names.
This is unlikely to be the case though despite Connors mulling over the idea with Collins reiterating and fairly to death that she won't be changing her mind and has other things in her life that she wants to accomplish. This includes having kids and starting her own family as well as business and simply moving on to her next chapter.
Whilst it has dominated questioning since her form has increased, Collins doesn't seem to be budging despite the musings of Connors on the latest episode of Advantage Connors released to start the week. She opens her campaign today at the Internationaux de Strasbourg aiming to continue her stellar form into another tournament before the French Open which starts in just under a week.
"The way she’s (Danielle Collins) played the last 6-7 weeks and the results she has had. Her confidence has got to be at an all time high. She’s won a couple of tournaments, she’s been in the semifinals in Rome which is a 1000 tournament," he said.
"And going into the French Open, her feeling about her game and her confidence and the way she feels about herself in general. Not just her game but her mental and physical abilities to stay in there and really grind with the best players," he added.
"And I’m happy to see that because she’s kind of struggling mentally with what she wants to do. Is she going to retire? Is she not going to retire? With her success these last couple of weeks, she’s got to be rethinking that."
"But then I want to say on the other hand, there’s more to life than just tennis and while you’re playing it, while you’re in the grind, while you’re competing against the best players and giving it your all, you kind of forget that. And that’s why I kind of respect her no matter what decision she makes," he said.
"Whether she retires at the end of this year or she keeps playing, I respect her for her thoughts and understanding that tennis is your life, it’s your game, it’s what you do now, but that doesn’t last forever. So her decision, whatever she does, I’m happy for her results now and you know what, I’m proud of her."
"She stayed in there and she’s been grinding and trying to be successful and then all of a sudden she makes a decision that there’s other things in left that are better and all of a sudden boom, her game blossoms. That’s pretty exciting and I’m proud of her for that."

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