"Get a life": Daria Kasatkina hits back at those criticizing her exhibition match in Macau after WTA schedule complaints

Daria Kasatkina has hit back at those criticizing her participation at an exhibition match in Macau, China after complaining about the WTA's packed scheduling earlier in the season.

The Russian player is set to appear at the inaugural edition of the MGM Macau Tennis Masters from December 2-3, which will be played in the Macao East Asia Games Dome in Cotai, Macau. She will be joined by Taylor Fritz, Tallon Griekspoor, and Borna Coric as well as home players Zhizhen Zhang and Xinyu Wang.

After the line-up was announced on social media, one tennis fan questioned Kasatkina's choice to participate in the event after she had an emotional outburst about the WTA's scheduling last month. The 26-year-old shares a vlog with her girlfriend Natalia Zabiiako documenting their life on the WTA Tour, and in a recent video, things got too much for the World No. 18.

Kasatkina tells critics to "get a life"

"I'm f*cking knackered, f*ck tennis, the game of tennis itself is the simplest thing we do. Everything else is just completely f*cking bull***t. I can't travel anymore, I can't pack my things, I can't f*cking.....these planes, moving. When you can't communicate with people from different countries, constantly change f*cking beds, constantly packing and unpacking bags, every f*cking week, I just can't do it anymore," Kasatkina complained.

This led one social media user to criticize her for signing up to the exhibition event in Macau: "Didn't Kasatkina put out an entire vlog crying about the hardships of tennis calendar and travelling?" they wrote. Kasatkina responded to the post, pointing out that she had rested since then.

"I feel much better after 2 weeks of vacations, thanks for being worry about me," she wrote, before the tennis fan said that they were sick of players complaining about the schedule: "Because this whole "I want to pick and choose when and where to play but be paid as if I played every single tournament week" attitude is getting tiresome," they commented.

Kasatkina responded to the fan once again, suggesting that they did not understand the life of a professional tennis player: "Tiresome? So you can blame players because they “complain” and “crying” but you are tired from what? Spending 24/7 on twitter? get a life," she concluded.

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