"I always think that would be kind of fun": Pegula continues to call for players to have more personality

Thursday, 01 June 2023 at 03:30
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World No.3 Jessica Pegula would like to see more interaction between players on the court, if given the opportunity to change one thing about tennis.
The top-ranked American was asked what she would change in tennis were she made commissioner in charge of the game, leading to Pegula responding with the desire to showcase more player personality.
"I guess maybe since we were talking about it this year is like trash talking, I think it would be fun if you could be more vocal to each other and it kind of was part of it and not maybe so much looked down upon," she said. "Not like cursing at each other the whole time, but I don't know, something maybe more interaction with players."
Furthermore, Pegula believes that players would be more entertaining if they were allowed to be vocal with their opponents.
"I always think that would be kind of fun," she added. "So I don't know what way it would be to facilitate that. But to me, that would be kind of something cool just to make it more entertaining and see more personality from the players."

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