"I don't want to lose points on purpose": Swiatek explains lack of pity when sealing double bagel wins

Saturday, 13 May 2023 at 12:00
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Iga Swiatek won with a double bagel yesterday at the Rome Open and after the match, she talked about those types of matches and what happens in her mind when she sees a score like that.
A double bagel is the most brutal way you can beat your opponent and it rarely happens. The reason why is simple, you need to completely outplay your opponent for the whole duration of a match and tennis just isn't that type of sport. Momentum shifts are common and it makes it really hard to win consecutive games.
Swiatek did yesterday even though it's not on her mind or any kind of goal. The goal is to win but she's not going to give up on points just to make the score less brutal:
"I mean, even if I would, I don't want to lose points on purpose. It doesn't make sense. So I'm always going to be that kind of player who wants to win the next point. I think most of us have that kind of feeling, so yeah. In my opinion, like, the score doesn't really matter and it doesn't have any influence on my - I don't know - feeling on the court. I'm just trying to play the best tennis no matter what the score is."
She was also asked if she ever lost with a double bagel and she said probably while being unable to recall when:
"Well, I don't know if I lost 6-0, 6-0. Probably yes. Probably like when I was younger and I played against, like, older players. On WTA, I'm not sure. For sure I had matches that were, like, really one-way, especially when I started on WTA in 2019."

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