"I have a little like discomfort in my rib": Swiatek admits concern surrounding injury during Rybakina loss

Saturday, 18 March 2023 at 13:30
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Iga Swiatek dismissed putting the blame for Indian Wells loss to Elena Rybakina on injury explaining that she simply did not play as well as she can play.
Swiatek truly didn't play the way she can play and committed far too many mistakes that are generally not present in her game. It happens, she's only human and can lose a tennis match, especially against a top 3 player this year like Rybakina. She did admit that she has some discomfort in her ribs during play but attributed her loss to the way she played:
"Honestly - I feel like it's still more me and kind of my mistakes. I'm also like not feeling 100% physically. I have a little like discomfort in my rib, and we're going to consult with medical team."
Swiatek also praised her opponent Rybakina who played a really good match:
"Well, for sure, Elena played great tennis today, and I feel like against her I have to play better. She was playing really well."
It was the second time Swiatek lost to Rybakina this year and the team looked over the match in Melbourne to see what went wrong:
"We were thinking about the Australian Open more like we wanted to kind of learn a lesson from that match. We were, you know, just analyzing, but mainly my coach did that, so I wanted just to kind of use his tips and improve my game. But I wasn't able to do that today."

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