"I'm going to give myself amnesia": Coco Gauff looks to swiftly move onto doubles after Swiatek loss

Friday, 07 June 2024 at 13:00
Coco Gauff was easily beaten again by Iga Swiatek in the semi-finals of the 2024 French Open 6-2, 6-4. It now sits at 11-1 in favour of the World No.1 in their Head to Head. A hoodoo that Gauff just can't get over it seems but one she will look to put to the back of her head.
Gauff will look to still win a title this week. She teams with Katerina Siniakova in the semi-finals of the French Open women's doubles today and so she said that in reality, she doesn't have too long to fester over it.
She quipped that she will give herself amnesia and block herself out of the defeat to Swiatek until the doubles is over. But also she hinted that her doubles future is very much hinging on this tournament. Whilst saying that she isn't leaving doubles behind, she left it up in the air whether she will continue.
Already it is basically set that she will likely stop teaming with Jessica Pegula at the end of 2024 with both being top singles stars now and the focus being more on that. She couldn't team with her long time partner due to Pegula's injury but entered late with Siniakova. Likely in a move to get ready for the Olympic Games, it will be the last preparation for Paris and she will look to still end with a title for her campaign.
"Not long because I have doubles tomorrow and I have a great partner and I feel like we have a good shot to win," Gauff said during her post match press conference.
"I really want to win a doubles Slam just so I can, I don't want to say close that chapter of my career, but it's something that I feel like once I do it, I don't know if I'll continue to chase more. Not saying I won't play doubles," she added.
"So I'm focused on that. One thing I learned from the final two years ago, I had to play doubles the next day and I think Iet the negativity of my loss the previous day take over into another Grand Slam final."
"Same scenario basically, semifinal-semifinal so I just want to start on a clean slate, try my best to do what I can do to help my teammate and probably after this tournament is over, I will think about it but I'm going to give myself amnesia and just think about it later because I still have a chance at a trophy."
Despite having doubles prowess, she has never won a major doubles title and will look to correct this over the next weekend. She was left in tears during her loss to Iga Swiatek due to a line call and she called for VAR in her post match press conference also. Iga Swiatek will now face Jasmine Paolini in the final, with the latter seeing off Mirra Andreeva in the other semi-final on Thursday. Their final will take place on Saturday.

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