"It’s like, give me a break! Let me retire and have a family in peace!": Danielle Collins jokes about fascination with early retirement

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 19:09
Danielle Collins recently discussed her upcoming retirement this season as she prepares to debut at the Rome Open. The 30-year-old American opened up about her desire to end her career on a high note and then start a family.
The world No. 15 is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic condition that can cause joint inflammation and pain. Collins announced earlier this year that it would be her final season as a professional due to her desire to soon start a family and enjoy her achievements: "I think society and even the people who follow my life closely have had a difficult time accepting the fact that I’m retiring, and it’s really bizarre!"

Collins maintains retirement plans despite her excellent present

The American seems to be experiencing a career renaissance after winning her first WTA 1000 at the Miami Open and a week later at the Charleston Open. Collins totaled 15 consecutive victories and rose more than 50 positions in just two months, from No. 71 to 15.
Her excellent recent months have led many to question if it's really the right time to retire, but Collins has no doubt that this is the moment: "I’m going to be 31 at the end of the year, and that’s around the time when people make that milestone! It’s like, give me a break! Let me retire and have a family in peace!"
“It’s like some people don’t want to acknowledge that I’ve made really great improvements with my serving, my returning, getting more consistent off the ground, coming in a little more,”
Collins was the champion of the Miami Open after defeating Elena Rybakina by 7-5, 6-3.
“It’s almost like you don’t get credit for that when people are suggesting you don’t care right now. The counterargument is that I could be going into these tournaments knowing it’s my last chance and my last tournament, and feeling that anxiety and pressure.
"The people who are supporting us, the fans, they see me solely as a tennis player and not as a person. But the way I’ve evolved with my personality, I’m pretty laid back, and I don’t feel like I’m defined by my results or success."
On the other hand, Collins mentioned that she hopes to create a foundation for women's health: "There are so many places around the world where people are facing women’s health issues, and a lot of them don’t have the means to support themselves financially through those challenges."
“I’d like to try and help, to bring financial support to those who have faced similar challenges to me, and be there for women who are struggling,” the former world No. 8 said. “But we’re going to launch the foundation sometime this summer and it’s going to be based around women’s health and equity.”

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