"A great guy and a very important person for our sport": Novak Djokovic lauds Dominic Thiem amid retirement rumours

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 18:07
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Dominic Thiem is rumoured to be announcing his retirement soon after his drop off since winning the US Open in 2020. As someone who was a rival of the Austrian for a short time, Novak Djokovic is full of praise for him not only as a player but a man.
Speaking before the Rome Open, Djokovic moved to say that he hadn't heard such rumours but spoke in depth about how important he is as a human being and also a tennis player. Classy as ever from the World No.1.
“Well, I haven't heard of that. Unless he confirms it, I will not comment on the retirement because rumors are rumors. I can speak about him. First of all, a great guy, very good person, someone that has very good manners, good values, family man, somebody that always took time to say hello, always showed respect on the court, off the court," said Djokovic during Rome Open press.
"I really like Dominic. I think he's a great example of somebody who never gives up after the difficult time he had and still has with injuries, trying to work his way back to the level where he was when he was winning Grand Slams and being on top of the world. Of course, we all understand how difficult it is to come back. I mean, I was having an injury myself back in 2018, a major injury of the elbow, trying to work my way back. I know that kind of a feeling. Fortunately for me, I didn't stay in that kind of feeling for too long. I managed come back and find the desired level maybe six or seven months after that.
"For him, it's been a struggle to build rankings and find the level of tennis for quite a few years. I definitely empathize with him and I wish him all the best. We are all hoping as tennis fans and colleagues of his that he can find the level because he was always very exciting to watch. Spectacular shots, incredible one-handed backhand, forehands, so much power and intensity he brings on the court. Yeah, hopefully he can stay, to play as long as he can, because he's also a very important player for our sport. But he decides, so only he knows how long he's going to play.”

Djokovic was asked about the rumors of Thiem’s retirement, he says Dominic is a great person & and a family man with good values “In Austria there are currently some rumors going on about Dominic Thiem retiring at the end of the year. What do you think of that, your rivalry…


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