Maria Timofeeva loses in Madrid Open qualifying...then finds out £8,500 suddenly missing from bank account with no prior knowledge

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 14:16
It was a bit of a horror 24 hours for Russian ace Maria Timofeeva who lost out to Harriet Dart in Madrid Open qualifying and while she pocketed some money, she lost a lot more as she found out when she got back to the hotel.
Timofeeva took to her Instagram story to confirm that £8,500 had been stolen from her bank account around 10,000 euros without any prior knowledge and that it is one of a few times it has happened to her while she has been in Spain.
What makes it even more puzzling for Timofeeva is that she has kept her card close by and that she hasn't been able to spend anyway due to being on the tennis court. So she wouldn't have been able to spend that kind of money no mind have it stolen. She also said that a confirmation code is needed by her to even confirm payments which makes it even more odd.
"Here I am back in Spain six months later and I’ve been robbed again. So I would like to share my story and could really use some advice from the people who might have been in a similar situation before or tell me how it could happen and yeah, let’s get to it," said Timofeeva on Instagram.
"So apparently in the past few days, I’m here in Madrid, someone has been spending money from my bank account and spent little more than €10,000 [£8,573]. I’m freaking out because I don’t know how it could happen.
"Physically my card was with me most of the time, except for one episode when I left it in my room while the room was being cleaned by the maids of the hotel I’m staying in. I don’t know what else to tell.
"The circumstances are crazy and I don’t know how it could happen so please share something and be aware of people in Spain and of these situations because it’s happening every f*****g time I’m coming here and this is getting out of control."

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