"Might wanna redirect it to someone that needs it": Osaka slams sudden concern about her career post pregnancy

Naomi Osaka has hit back at people that expressed worry about her tennis career post-pregnancy highlighting the different way people go about male and female athletes with children.

Osaka surprised many when she announced her pregnancy on social media. It didn't seem like it was something that was planned but rather something that happened with Osaka expressing excitement about the prospect of being a mother. At the same time, Osaka confirmed that she'll get back to tennis in 2024 with the Australian Open the likely target.

A news that was generally well received in the tennis community also had many question it. People wonder how all of that will work out and she took to Twitter recently to shut down those concerns:

"Btw to the people that are suddenly concerned about my career- There are plenty of male athletes with kids that are significantly less accomplished, you might wanna worry about them instead. Thanks for the concern, might wanna redirect it to someone that needs it though."

She also expressed belief that there is a clear difference in how male and female athletes with children are perceived and treated:

"Not trying to make this a male and female thing but let’s be fr."

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