'No intention to shirk responsibility' as Camila Giorgi set to return back to Italy to answer tax probe

Monday, 13 May 2024 at 17:49
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Camila Giorgi won't hide and won't 'shirk responsibility' amid murmurings that she has fled Italy to the US amid an ongoing tax probe with reports stemming from Italian media that the Italian who retired last week has quickly left the country to avoid ongoing problems.
Supposedly Giorgi has not filed the documents that are required and the same can be said for her family in regards to a cloudy picture of her tax affairs. She also is due in court anyway in July regarding the fake Covid vaccine which she supposedly received from a doctor who is set to go on trial. So it won't be a quiet retirement for the former Canadian Open winner.
From announcing her retirement by the means of the ITIA Retired Players list, the picture in reality was a lot more murky albeit Giorgi finally released a statement yesterday with rumours surrounding her being called 'inaccurate'. But it seems a story that will rumble on. Her lawyers made a statement saying that she won't hide though and her flee to the US was down to family problems and not the tax probe.
"No intention to shirk responsibility, Camila will return to Italy soon", said her lawyers as per ANSA. "Her removal from the residence in Calenzano is temporary and due to a divergence of views within the family, and to the desire to take a pause for reflection to decide how to set up her life after the abandonment of competitive activity".
"Camila's withdrawal from competitive competitions has nothing to do with the affair linked to the Guardia di Finanza investigations," they continued.

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