"People like Iga Swiatek, Petra Kvitova are in minority": Ukrainian tennis chief slams lack of support for war-torn country

Monday, 10 April 2023 at 13:30
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Ukrainian tennis chief Evgeniy Zukin has slammed the tennis community for a lack of support towards Ukraine saying that players like Iga Swiatek and Petra Kvitova are in the minority.
There has been more and more information coming out that the WTA locker rooms are rather tense due to the War in Ukraine and it mostly stems from a chilly relationship between the players. Russians and Ukrainians don't really get along at all which causes everyone to be quite tense. If you add players like Swiatek who openly supports Ukraine then it gets even worse.
Swiatek and Kvitova have both made comments in support of Ukraine, something that the Ukrainian tennis chief praised however he slammed the rest for a lack of support towards the country:
"Unfortunately, people like Swiatek or Petra Kvitova are in the minority and not the majority. It is really bad that nobody cares enough about what is going on. Iga Swiatek and Petra Kvitova come from countries that are really close to Ukraine and they feel how it is affecting them because of the refugees and the threat from Russia if Ukraine falls."
He added:
"They know how it felt to live during the Soviet Union era and they have a much better feel about what is going on. We are thankful that they provided this position to the public that the war shouldn’t be normalised."

Iga Swiatek: “War for me is not about politics, but about people's suffering. That’s why I chose to speak out. As a Pole, from the start of the war in Ukraine I was emotional. It’s important that we athletes have an impact on society. Our views shape others & can trigger change”


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