"She is super tough on herself, she pushes herself a lot": Tursunov full of praise for wise beyond her years Raducanu

Former coach of Emma Raducanu, Dmitry Tursunov explained in a recent podcast that Emma Raducanu is really tough on herself as well as a hard worker.

A common criticism for Raducanu since winning the US Open is her perceived lack of effort when it comes to tennis. People pointed out her long list of endorsements when they tried to find a reason for her poor results last year. According to Tursunov, that's not the case as Raducanu works really hard and is super hard on herself:

"I was super happy with her, it's weird because I completely take out of context, the Slam win. I don't look at that, it just happened. She's super young, you know, like when you watch how these planets were formed, all these storms and fluctuations in temperature, there's so much turbulence. I think that's what she has a bit in her game and her mind."

He added:

"She is super young but she is very demanding of herself and she pushes herself a lot. She is super tough on herself but to me, I felt that she is an incredible, intelligent person. When you talk to her, you just forget that she is 19-20. So, in that sense, I really enjoyed every second of it."

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