Snapshots of sorrow: Coco Gauff's tearful response to criticism over Vogue photoshoot

Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 07:53
Coco Gauff admitted that she cried after the criticism that was levied at the photoshoot Annie Leibovitz for Vogue which was an issue released back in March of 2024 by a podcast host who interview Zendaya's stylist Law Roach.
Speaking on The Cutting Floor podcast, Roach who of course is doing a fair share of interviews due to the success of Challengers spoke about his experience with Leibovitz and how he wanted Annie to shoot Zendaya for her Vogue cover. But this didn't go down well with the host who had her own opinion on the photographer and also Gauff's shoot.
"I would never trust Annie Leibovitz to take my photo ever. Maybe in a different decade," said the host to which Roach responded. "I would say there has been a lot of back and forth and uproar on people's opinion on the way that Annie shoots black women. To be quite honest, I haven't really paid attention that much. The last two shoots that I remember Annie doing was Coco which I thought was beautiful."
"No it wasn't. I'm stressed. Coco is a no," replied the host sternly. Coco herself responded and said that she cried. "I understand your take but when criticising please consider the people in the cover's feelings. To say it wasn't beautiful is a tad bit mean just say you felt it could be captured better."
"I felt beautiful at first and after all the conversations I cried and felt like it wasn't beautiful. I know I'm not a model or the prettiest but just keep in mind the word usage when criticising. I know in the end you're trying to advocate for better. But I think there is a better way to do that without commenting on the beauty of the picture."
"Comment on lighting, angle unflattering angle etc. But to flat out say it wasn't beautiful it's tough. It's not my favourite picture of myself but I still felt it was beautiful."

“I felt beautiful at first and after all the conversations I cried and felt like it wasn't beautiful” oh my heart 💔

is it summer yet ? 🥔 🍟 🦒 🐿️ 🟧
is it summer yet ? 🥔 🍟 🦒 🐿️ 🟧

Coco is such a sweet and smart young woman. It hurt my heart when she said she knows she’s not the prettiest 😩.


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