(VIDEO) Stefanos Tsitsipas in Rome Open meltdown, smashes advertising hoarding with racquet inches away from ball kid

Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 07:48
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Stefanos Tsitsipas admitted that he was battling inner demons at times against Jan-Lennard Struff and that he didn’t wake up until midway through the second set at the Rome Open. That could ring true after an early meltdown.
Only five minutes into the match, Tsitsipas performed what could be the quickest racquet break ever albeit it nearly went horribly wrong. He walked back to the line and then thumped his racquet against an advertising hoarding.
But this was mere inches away from a ball kid who was standing next to it who didn’t look out of the zone despite nearly getting hit by a racquet. In the end, Tsitsipas found his way through. But it is another iteration of a top tennis star losing their cool and letting their temper snap on the biggest stage.
Some on social media also made the comment that he is taking the breakup well in reference to the end of his relationship with Paula Badosa last week. Both are through though in Rome with the latter in particular thriving.

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