Tennis fans left unimpressed by Naomi Osaka withdrawing from Australian Open: "The Gen Z version of Serena Williams without the trophies"

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 09:30
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Tennis fans were left unimpressed with Naomi Osaka pulling out of the Australian Open and showing what many perceive as a lack of interest in tennis.
Tennis fans have criticized Osaka for a lack of interest in tennis for a long time. The Japanese player always described herself as someone with many interests and her actions have backed that up. All sorts of engagements outside of the court enraged fans around the world who claimed that earning lots of money from that killed her ambition to do well in tennis.
Fans voiced their frustration once more on social media after the news broke and we bring you some of the reactions. One fan wrote:
"To me it seems pretty certain - she’s no longer a tennis player."
Another added:
"Same story, different tournament. When Naomi Osaka is in a tournament the next headline to follow is she's withdrawn, she's quit or she lost. Enuf. Maybe just retire. She's NOT built for this. Let her start a makeup line or something. But this is NOW really boring. #quitter"
Another reaction said:
"The world's highest paid female athlete kinda, sorta doesn't even play her sport anymore"
And another one said this:
"The gen z version of Serena without the trophies. If you don’t have the grit handle the fans and the press, you shouldn’t be a pro athlete. At least she cashes in on diversity."

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