(VIDEO) Xiyu Wang gets tangled in net chasing Fernandez's drop shot but avoids serious injury

Friday, 31 May 2024 at 15:10
screenshot 2024 05 31 at 141226
Sometimes there just isn't a lot you can do in a tennis match and Xiyu Wang had that feeling as she was easily beaten by Leylah Fernandez on Thursday afternoon at Roland Garros.
The Chinese ace was well beaten 6-3, 6-4 against the Canadian who faces Ons Jabeur this afternoon and she was fortunate not to escape with a serious injury. Fernandez produced an expert drop shot and in never letting the point go, the Chinese player dived for it.
She slid across the court to meet it at the net. But it was too much of a slide and she ended up tangled in the net and fell to the floor in distress with her racquet ending up on the other side of the court. Thankfully she was ok afterwards. But it shows what can happen on clay in particular when you overstretch.
Like alluded to Fernandez is through and will hope to continue her good form this afternoon. She has had an otherwise underwhelming clay court season. So she will hope it all comes together this week in Paris.

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