"Yesterday I thought she spent some money on our credit card": Birthday girl Mirra Andreeva already got present hint from mother

Monday, 29 April 2024 at 06:30
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Mirra Andreeva turns 17 today with the Russian prodigy who is into the Last 16 of the Madrid Open for the second time in two years a different person and player than she was 12 months ago. Despite remaining humble, her stock has grown exponentially and she has also travelled the world.
Andreeva heads into her clash with Jasmine Paolini having one main goal in her mind and that is sealing the win and doing what she couldn't last year. Albeit Elena Rybakina is likely to await. But she also said that she received some kind of birthday hint from her mother after she used their credit card.
Likely at this age, Andreeva's spending is semi controlled by her family and she said that she saw some money was spent by her mother and she is looking forward to seeing what she gets her. Still very much a 17-year-old but one that on a tennis court is advanced in her years.
“The perfect gift for me would be a victory. So I’ll try to do everything for that. My mom already bought me something. Yesterday I thought she spent some money on our credit card. So I’m super excited to see what she got me," said Andreeva.

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