Andy Murray hoping to team up with Roger Federer at Laver Cup

Saturday, 17 September 2022 at 21:30
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Andy Murray will make his Laver Cup debut this year and he hopes to team up with Roger Federer one last time before the legend retired.
Federer announced a few days ago that the 2022 Laver Cup will be his final tennis event. It's a special Laver Cup in many ways and it just became even more special. Federer conceived the Laver Cup as a competition a few years ago and he considers it one of the most important things he did in tennis.
It's also the first and last Laver Cup to feature all of the big four at the same event and playing for the same side. For Murray it's a chance to maybe play with Federer one last time:
“I don’t know how much he will be able to play. I haven’t spoken to him about that. Maybe I'll get the opportunity to share a court with him in doubles or something like that. That would be really special.”
Speaking further bout Federer, Murray said:
“Obviously he was an amazing player. I was lucky to get to compete against him in some of the biggest matches, in the biggest tournaments, on the biggest stages in our sport. At the time I probably didn’t appreciate it as much but now, looking back, it’s pretty amazing. It’s incredible what he achieved and also what Rafa and Novak have done, as well. It’s a sad, sad day for the sport. Unbelievable career, the longevity that he’s had."
And more:
"What he did (at the 2017) Australian Open when he came back from the knee surgery and stuff was incredible. The way that he played the game, conducted himself and all of those things, I think all of the players respected him for that. I’ll speak more on it I’m sure in the coming week with the Laver Cup.”

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