"Honour to share court with these guys" - Schwartzman on Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray at Laver Cup

Saturday, 17 September 2022 at 23:00
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Diego Schwartzman will play his third Laver Cup overall and he hopes to finally help Team World move past Team Europe.
The World Team never won a Laver Cup and it's something that is on the mind of both Schwartzman and the team. John McEnroe never liked to lose so his motivation to get it finally done is also high. Taking on this Team Europe will be very hard as it will feature Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Tsitsipas, Ruud and others.
As always Team Europe is bringing a very strong team and Schwartzman knows that the first day will be very important:
“The first day is very important for the confidence of the team. How you play under tough conditions with a full crowd. Players watching you very close from the court, it’s very different the situation we are playing. It gives the team a lot of confidence to have a good start.”
Schwartzman also gave a brillaint comment aobut facing the big four:
“It’s a big opportunity for us to see these guys one more time all together. Like super heroes in a movie all together"
He further added:
“It’s an honor to share the court with these guys. A time to enjoy and, obviously, a time to win.” We have a very strong team. This year we have a big opportunity. Is going to be like a small revenge, I played the [ATP] Final a few years ago with no people, no support. Without people it was really weird, this is an opportunity to enjoy the moment with a full stadium.”

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