Big Three dominance made it 'practically impossible' for new Grand Slam winners according to Verdasco

Wednesday, 08 February 2023 at 21:30
Verdasco Fernando RolandGarros2017
Veteran player Fernando Verdasco spoke about how difficult it was to win a grand slam event during the best days of the big three and how only several players managed to do.
For a very long time, the big three dominated the tennis world. They were winning all the big events like grand slams and it was just close to impossible to actually win one. He named only a handful of players that were actually able to do so using it as an example to show how truly hard it was:
"It was practically impossible for other players to think of lifting a major title, only Cilic, Del Potro or Wawrinka managed to win a Slam in that period. In almost 20 years and 80 Slams played, it happened on three or four occasions. Now there's certainly more room for everyone."
Verdasco never contested a grand slam final but he had some good runs at events like that. Overall he was ranked number 7 at a time when they dominated which he thinks is far tougher than it is today. He would rather be ranked 7 today than over 10 years ago.
"If you ask me as a player if I would have preferred to occupy seventh position today or in 2009, my answer is today. Roger has just retired, Murray is no longer at the same level he was ten years ago and Rafa unfortunately always has to live with many injuries."

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