Boris Becker puts Rafael Nadal's 14 Roland Garros titles into perspective, points out him, Edberg or Sampras never won one

Sunday, 26 May 2024 at 18:30
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German legend Boris Becker admitted that he doesn't see any record whether tennis or sport as a whole that can eclipse that of Rafael Nadal's 14 Roland Garros titles. One of the only records that Novak Djokovic won't claim, Nadal will retire with a true unbeatable feat.
Nadal will face Alexander Zverev in the first round on May 27 as he looks to win his 15th French Open title. Albeit his preparation for Roland Garros has been poor with the Spaniard not able to find the form of before and the likelihood is that he may get thrashed by the German. As a result he has left his Roland Garros future up in the air with no real definite end at the tournament.
"It's a big chance that it is going to be my last Roland Garros. But if I have to tell you it's 100% my last Roland Garros, sorry, but I will not because I cannot predict what's going on," said Nadal this weekend.
Becker who is a six-time Grand Slam champion highlighted that in reality, it is a feat that is impossible in itself. He went on to say that even himself, Stefan Edberg or Pete Sampras never won a French Open so to win 14 is impossible.
Nadal has maintained a superb record at the tournament only losing three times in all these years. He has secured 112 wins in the process and will head out of the sport with his Roland Garros record being one to really savour. "You win it five times, that’s a lot,” tennis great Boris Becker told CNN. “You win it 10 times, it’s impossible. Nadal’s won it 14 times. I don’t know any other record in any other sport that equals that"
“Borg won it six times, which at the time was unheard [of], but [Pete] Sampras never won it, Edberg never won it, Becker never won it. So there’s no shame in not winning the French Open

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