"End UK private jets" - t-shirt message on protestor interrupting Laver Cup match explained

A protestor interrupted the match between Tsitsipas and Schwartzman at the Laver Cup and he wore an "End UK private jets" t-shirt.

The message itself signals what the topic of the protest was and it's clearly about climate change. It's an important message at a time when the world is dealing with climate change and it is an issue that will impact not only this generation but future generations as well.

A recent study published in Science Direct has revealed how private jets, with fewer than 10 people on board, account for about 7,500 tons of carbon emissions every year, way more than commercial aviation. What's even worse is that the number of private flights is dramatically increasing more and more as it becomes a favoured way of travelling for most rich folk around the world.

Noted journalist Ben Rothenberg pointed out how the protest seems fitting considering that some of the players arrive in private planes.

"The tennis tour is already very climate unfriendly with its travel demands, so critiquing private jet use for an exhibition match feels fully just"

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