"I felt I couldn't lose a game": Alcaraz felt 'invincible' during Cobolli win to open French Open campaign

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 at 10:30
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Carlos Alcaraz started off his Roland Garros campaign in impression fashion admitting after the match that he felt almost invincible out there on the court.
It certainly looked like that in the early goings of the match with Alcaraz taking the opening set 6-0 after which he cruised towards the finish line. The final set saw him complicate matters a bit too much but he was still able to keep it in three sets which is what matters most. It was a good match to get used to the way the courts play.


If you told most fans that Alcaraz would serve up a bagel during this Roland Garros run, most would believe you however not many believed that it would happen in the first set of the first match. Well, it did as Alcaraz proved sensational smashing a very erratic Cobolli 6-0. The Italian didn't know what to do while Alcaraz felt:
"I felt I couldn't lose a game. I thought that I was able to win easier than I did, but a match can turn around in each game. But at the start of the match, I felt invincible."

Taro up next

The Spaniard faces a very interesting player next. Taro Daniel from Japan played most of his career tennis on clay and he's very good at it. He brings a lot of aggressive play and the ability to hit some shots so expect a very interesting match. He will push Alcaraz so the Spaniard will need to find a way to counter that. He's ready for the challenge:
"I know the level of Taro, so it's going to be a really tough second round, really tough match. So I have to be ready for that, and I have to be prepared for a really tough one."

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