"I felt out of rhythm the entire match": Stefanos Tsitsipas devoid of answers after brutal Monteiro thrashing

Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 14:53
Stefanos Tsitsipas was brutally thrashed by Thiago Monteiro in the second round of the 2024 Madrid Open as he stalled amid his recent excellence by going out at the earliest juncture.
Tsitsipas won the Monte-Carlo Masters recently and also reached the final of the 2024 Barcelona Open only losing to an inspired Casper Ruud likely out for some semblance of revenge. But Tsitsipas admitted that in his view, he felt out of rhythm all game and perhaps it was the kind of defeat where his opponent was 100% and he was far from.
“I just wish I was able to return the way I did in the last game,” he told reporters. “I felt out of rhythm the entire match on my returns. I felt very [unbalanced] and like my body was going all over the place," said Tsitsipas as per Tennis Majors.
“I would like to congratulate [Monteiro]. I have nothing to say on behalf of me. Great match from his side. This is tennis.”
“I was not perhaps 100% ready for this match, and my opponent was 100% ready for this match. Therefore, he walked away with the victory. He was just much more there. His senses were more present and he prevailed.
“What I’m taking away from this is I saw a few improvements that I managed to make throughout the match. They were quite late. They came quite late during the match. But I think I try and understand from these improvements that I made and reinforce them next time I step out on the court and I’m faced with the same situation again, playing a player who is hungry to beat me, playing a player who is literally grinding, has played a few challengers in the last few months, and these are the type of opponents that for sure you should be more alert being faced against.
“I really have to continue with humility that I have been showing the last few months and focus on the process that comes with our sport.”

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